Human Resources

Human Resources are:

“…a key factor for an organization’s success. It is one of the new frontiers for rising above competitors and for creating quality and a medium/long-term competitive edge.”

Committment for excellence: the Minerva S.c.p.A. case by Ester Tavano

People are our most precious resource, both in terms of relations set up between individuals within a group and of how a work team interacts with external clients. They are a vital asset that must be enhanced day after day. To feel part of a team, to know the meaning behind one’s role, to integrate and to gain further knowledge by participating in training stages as a team, are only just a few of the reasons that make Minerva staff members satisfied professionals who are continuously evolving towards growth and the future.


Alcuni dati lo dimostrano:

  • il 94% del personale è assunto a tempo indeterminato
  • oltre il 35% del personale amministrativo è al di sotto dei 40 anni e oltre l’85% non supera i 50 anni
  • oltre il 90% dei dipendenti è donna