The Group

Alone one goes faster, but together one goes further.
This is why Minerva today is Minerva Group: solid and diversified.

As Parent Company of the Group, Minerva has taken the time and acted as incubator of professional experience that today has blossomed into various business units and independent enterprises. The professional synergies now existing in Minerva have played a fundamental role in the birth and growth of the other companies in the Group.



A solid reality in constant evolution, which in 2014 closed the budget with 15 million euros in 2015 touched 17 million, in 2016 with over 24 million Euro.

They are part of the Minerva Group:


MMGI Shipyard S.r.l. / Ship building and carpentry

Designs, builds and sells yachts and commercial vessels, completely personalised, with typically Made in Italy technical and design characteristics.
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Minerva.Fmh K.f.t. / Hospital and Civil Sanitation
This company is the embodiment of the ‘Minerva Model’ exported to Eastern Europe. Minerva.fmH over the short period has acquired important contracts in Hungary, and currently manages various hospitals.


VM Shipping Holding S.r.l. / Crew boat

Offers services in the supply ships sector for offshore oil platforms. The King David unit, in particular, stands out for its very high technological standards and fittings specifically designed for maximum crew comfort as well as for its superior efficiency in technical performance.


Servigest S.r.l. / Hygiene, Health and Personal Care

Established to supply civil and industrial sanitation services, today it owns the "Etaviva" and "Nonni&Bimbi" brands and runs an integrated project for care for the elderly that covers sectors such as environmental sanitation, hygiene and incontinence, supply of aids. Present across Italy with healthcare agencies dedicated to the needs of the elderly and of infants.


AV VITTUONE S.r.l. / Residential Facilities Management

Operating in the hinterland of Milan in the field of nursing homes and related services. Its activity involves the management of a multi-functional centre of social, healthcare and assistance services. It provides residential care, assistance and special personal care services.
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EDILMAK S.r.l. / Building construction

Operates in the building construction industry: public buildings, roadworks, schools, hospitals and industrial buildings. Its main objective is to create expertly executed works and actions of very high quality.


URBAN HOMY S.r.l. / Accommodation facilities

Designs and manages new-concept accommodation facilities – accessorised apartments and rooms – all of which located in the downtown areas of beautiful European cities. They are specifically intended to guarantee all the freedom of a private home but with all the amenities of a four-star hotel.
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